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Communicating accross cultures and the great dictators

Monday, May 16th, 2016

While we have been very busy in TALL in the last few months, this has not been reflected in this blog, something we hope to address in the near future.  In the meantime let me tell you about our latest new courses, Europe of the Dictators and Inter-culturally Speaking.

Europe of the Dictators is your chance to understand more of the dictators that dominated early 20th Century history, from Lenin and Mussolini to Stalin and of course Hitler.   This fascinating course is full of sources and resources (such as the Pathe news reel below) from contemporaries to the latest analysis.  These really bring the topic to life and help you understand this period of history.

The rise of the Dictators in Europe in this period are clearly not something that better communication accross cultures could have addressed alone, but it is a skill that would have helped then, and does help now in a world of global interaction.  Our new course Inter-culturally Speaking will introduce you to both the theory and the practice of communicating with people across the world, equipping you with understanding and skills that will be invaluable to anyone working in a global environment.  We have certainly learned a lot from developing this course and know we’ll use this in practice as we continue developing new courses for our worldwide audience.