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New courses: lose yourself in the 19th century and find the great american novel

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

NapoleonIt is that time of year again and we are in the middle of our online course launches for another term.  We are offering  40 courses this term including our new courses in Nineteenth Century European LiteratureAge of Revolution and  The Modern American Novel: an introduction.

Developing the first two in parallel was a wonderful experience and I would recommend anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the era to study them together.  When the novels you are reading are written by people living the history you are studying it gives a whole extra dimension to each.  The 19th century French society that Madame Bovary inhabits is shaped by the revolutions that had gone before – radical or otherwise.

The Modern American novel takes you from Gatsby to Beloved and American Pastoral  – a completely different world but just as fascinating.

So if you would enjoy exploring these worlds over the next couple of months or are interested in Archaeology, Art History, English literature, Creative Writing, Economics, History, Local history or Philosophy do take a look at what is available.

Image: napoleon / Sarah / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0