Investigating politics, microeconomics and the Victorians


Cartoon of a Victorian politician - who was surely interested in microeconomics.

For once thought I would seize the chance to tell you about our new courses when there is still time to enroll on them.  New for Trinity term we have Investigating the Victorians, Politics: an introduction and Microeconomics: an introduction.

Investigating the Victorians is a course bursting with amazing resources about Victorian lives and great activities to help you explore them.¬† Many of the themes this course explores are surprisingly relevant to the world today and you also get to do a quiz which has the possible choices….

…..Presence of dunghills, Filth, Slaughter houses, Dampness, Decomposing refuse, Open sewers and drains, Accumulation of refuse, Homes with no flooring, Inadequate diet and clothing, Overcrowding….

Remember modern life is not so bad.

The next two courses are possibly even better for holding forth on the state of the world today – justify your opinions with political and economic theory and impress your friends.

Microeconomics follows on where our Macroeconomics course left off, looking at economics on the smaller scale of firms and individuals, and helping you understand  what economic theory has to say about where we are now.

Our new Politics course is fabulously clear and straight forward entry into a huge topic, covering a vast amount of ground from ancient Greece via Machiavelli and J.S. MILL to the Japanese Tsunami and the War in Iraq.

So if you fancy an bit of intellectual stimulation in the spring check these out, or any of the other 50 courses we have to choose from.

Image:14 Pluto – Politician / Carl Guderian /

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