Reciprocate at Copenhagen


The RECIPROCATE programme will allow global access to innovative online learning materials to enable scientists, climate practitioners and policy-makers to understand and exploit regional climate predictions.

RECIPROCATE will additionally build and support an online community of practice through which, knowledge and expertise about regional climate modelling can be shared. This will be of particular benefit in countries where such expertise is not so readily available.

RECIPROCATE combines climate prediction expertise from the University of Oxford team and the Met. Office Hadley Centre PRECIS team with the expertise of the University of Oxford Department for Continuing Education’s expertise in delivering innovative and effective education and training solutions.


Like everyone else in the climate world some of the partners in the RECIPROCATE project will be at the Copenhagen COP 15.  Richard Jones (Met Office) and Niel Bowerman ( will be at the Met Office and University of Oxford stands.  If you are at Copenhagen you can try and catch up with them, otherwise you can just visit our website to find out more and register your interest.

One Response to “Reciprocate at Copenhagen”

  1. Betsy Carpenter Says:

    Go, Niel! I hope you inspire lots of people, educate them as well, keep on making a great contribution, and fourth, enjoy yourself.