How do you personalise?

I have just read a very interesting post by Josie Fraser (always a good read) who has a great diagram which points up some of the implicit assumptions people make about PLEs without realising they are talking about completely different things. I think we need to clarify where Isthmus fits in this grid …as we may find some of our assumptions are not the same.

Of course not that Isthmus is necessarily trying to build a PLE…

One Response to “How do you personalise?”

  1. Deborah Goodbody Says:

    I completely agree that having a strategy for how we are going to approach the LT aspect of the project is essential and it’s a document which we could certainly do with. It would be great if you could create that and circulate it to everyone to comment on.

    There is a danger in a project like this that everyone wants to get stuck in and get moving on the project before the strategy has been decided. This may result in work or research being made redundant so it is critical to get the strategies and plans down in writing as soon as possible. Then we can post them on the project website where everyone can refer to them as necessary.

    Having said that, I think that it can be counter-productive to try to identify our solutions before we have the results of our research since it may mean that we try to tailor our research to the results we want to obtain, which is not the most rigorous or robust approach to take.