So many services, so little time…

At TALL we’re particularly interested in how the many forms of online collaboration might be used in education and educational institutions such as our own, and currently have a couple of projects touching the subject: SPIRE and Isthmus.

There has been something of an explosion of these services over the last few years, producing photo hosting, calendaring, bookmarking, mapping, and blogging sites just for starters. With so many of these various services to consider, we need a list of what they all are, and how they compare, complement, and compete with each other… and which ones should I use!?

Here are a couple of sites listing these services:

Here’s a quick selection of those that easily come to mind…

  • OpenID
  • LID
  • Yadis


  • ClaimID
  • Mugshot
  • jyte
  • myspace
  • facebook

Photo hosting

  • Flickr
  • Zoomr


  • Blogger
  • WordPress
  • LiveJournal


  • Digg
  • Bloglines
  • Google feeds


  • Ma.gnolia
  • Stumbleupon


  • iCal
  • Renkoo

Some provide multiple services, e.g. many profile services such as myspace provide some form of journal facility.

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