Courses launched today

Learning to look at the Visual Arts: During this course students learn to look at paintings, prints and drawings from a more analytical and objective point of view. By the end of the course they are able to use visual vocabulary to appreciate art. Active online discussions centre around aspects such as composition, space, form, tone, colour, subject matter and visual techniques.

Learning to look at Western Architecture: This course enables students to ‘read’ the architecture of the Western world in a critically informed way. Students learn to recognise and differentiate between the major architectural styles of the western tradition – and thus gain a greater understanding of the way that buildings are built, and why they look the way they do.

Northern Renaissance Art c1480-1580: Complementing ‘Learning to look at the Visual Arts, this course covers European art and artists from between 1480 and 1580, introducing students to the world of the Northern Renaissance.

Arts of India: Students learn about the main developments in the history of South Asian art in this period, including Buddhist and Hindu architecture and sculpture, paintings and architecture from the Rajput and Mughal courts, and the impact of European colonialism. They also examine the religious, ritual, social and political contexts in which these buildings and objects were made and used.

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